No matter the size or budget of your business, ECCN Inc can design and customize a video surveillance solution that meets all your specific requirements. We have experience designing security platforms for businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to large enterprises. As a result, our Video Surveillance Solutions in Manassas can be as simple or complex as you need them.

Here is Video Surveillance Insights:

Cloud Video Surveillance:

Our Video Surveillance Solutions come with comprehensive cloud-based video storage, allowing you to access footage from anywhere in the world. This makes monitoring your business remotely easier and helps protect your data by automatically backing it up on multiple secure servers.

Facial Recognition:

Our Video Surveillance Solutions are equipped with a powerful facial recognition algorithm to quickly and accurately detect faces in any environment. This technology helps you keep track of people entering and leaving your premises and alert you to any suspicious activity.

Real-Time Alerts:

We also provide real-time alerts when motion is detected in the monitored area. This helps you quickly and effectively respond to any potential threats before they become a serious problem.

What is Video Surveillance?

You may have seen video surveillance cameras in public places like banks, convenience stores, and office buildings. Police officers also use them to monitor crime scenes. But what exactly is video surveillance?

Video surveillance is the monitoring of an area using video cameras. The footage from these cameras can be recorded and used as evidence if something happens in the area that is being monitored. Video surveillance can be used to deter crime, as well as to investigate crimes that have already been committed.

How Does Video Surveillance Work?

Video surveillance cameras are usually hidden from view, so people do not know they are being recorded. However, the footage from these cameras is transmitted to a security control room, where it can be monitored by security personnel. If something happens in the area that is being monitored, the footage can be used to help identify the perpetrators and piece together what happened.

Advantages of Video Surveillance Systems:

Video surveillance systems can provide several benefits for businesses, including deterring crime, documenting events, and improving security. Let’s take a closer look at each of these advantages:

Reduce Loss:

Video surveillance can help deter theft and other criminal activity on your property. You can monitor high-traffic and potential problem areas by placing cameras in strategic locations. Then, if a crime does occur, footage from the surveillance system can be used by law enforcement to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

Enhance Safety:

The presence of video surveillance cameras can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Additionally, camera footage can help first responders quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action in an emergency. 

Gain Visibility:

A well-designed video surveillance system gives you visibility into activity on your property at all times. This heightened awareness can help you prevent crime and resolve any issues that arise more quickly. 

Improve Operations:

In addition to enhancing security, video surveillance systems can also improve day-to-day operations at your business. For example, camera footage can be reviewed to identify process improvements or areas where employee training is needed. 

Document Events:

Video footage from your surveillance system can be used as evidence if there is a crime or other incident on your property. Additionally, footage can be reviewed to investigate customer complaints or accidents on your premises.


We at ECCN Inc are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable Video Surveillance Solutions to help keep their businesses safe and secure. Our experienced team of engineers will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that we design the perfect system for your needs. So reach out to us today, and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is video surveillance, and why is it important?

Video surveillance uses CCTV cameras to monitor and record activities for security purposes. It is an important component of modern security systems, as it allows businesses, public spaces, and homes to be monitored 24/7 for suspicious or criminal activity.

What are the different types of video surveillance systems?

There are several different types of video surveillance systems, including:

  1. Analog CCTV
  2. IP cameras
  3. Wireless security cameras
How can video surveillance be used in Manassas?

Video surveillance can be used to monitor a variety of areas in Manassas, including public spaces, schools, businesses, and homes. Video surveillance can help detect and prevent crime by providing real-time monitoring and recording of activity.

    How do I choose the right video surveillance system for my business?

    Choosing the right video surveillance system for your business will depend on several factors, including a budget, location, and the type of area being monitored. To ensure you select the best system for your needs, you need to call 800 ECCN 911 or 703-722-6000.

      What are some of the challenges of video surveillance?

      One of the challenges with video surveillance is that it requires a significant amount of infrastructure and resources to be effective. Ensuring that systems are properly set up and maintained can also be challenging.