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ECCN Inc. provides the best low voltage solutions i.e. A premier fiber-optic service in Virginia with high technical expertise, best customer service, dedication, satisfaction, and integrity.

Our fiber optic services provide security and reliability for business’ critical connectivity which leads to flexibility and higher customer satisfaction through which you can control, scale, and secure your transport initiatives.

We provide fiber optic services for single-mode, multimode, and laser optimized. Single-mode is specific in retaining light pulse over a long distance. Also, it carries a higher bandwidth than multimode fiber optics.

When there is a need to transmit over a small distance then we recommend multimode fiber optics. This comes with good results for small distances as a single corporate, campus, or building. Laser optimized fiber optics can transmit over longer distances with faster speeds, up to 10 Gbps.

ECCN Inc. has highly trained experts for installing, repairing, and maintaining fiber optics for your organization. While selecting any fiber optics, we take care of all possible aspects. We provide high density, high bandwidth solution with fiber optics for transmission of up to 100 Gbps speed. We are here to provide a secured network with selected fiber optics and shielded secured copper cabling.

ECCN Inc. is diligent in taking the time to get to know its clients with their requirements and limitations and finding the best solution for their current infrastructure as well as future options. Each architecture needs a different type of fiber optics. We survey each property to provide the best possible solution for each individual client. Our company takes time to find a solution with the help of its highly certified staff.

ECCN Inc. has extensive and brilliant experience in designing, installing, and monitoring cable infrastructure with a commitment of structuring installation according to each customer’s needs. We provide our services to all areas including government, educational institutions, financial institutions, healthcare, hospitals, and etc. We have a special focus on top-quality materials, reliability, cost-effective design, and installation. Also, there is a warranty guaranteed for fiber optics because we trust our services.

ECCN Inc. established in 2010 with a passion to become an industry leader in Security Solution Provider, Managed IT Services and Structured Cabling.

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